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RB Toy can Design, Engineer and Manufacture unique custom Gum and Candy Dispensers for both Premium and Retail use.  Using the latest in computer 3D design and analysis software (CAD/CAE), RB Toy... can develop a child-safe Dispenser targeted at a specific theme, age group or category.  The computer data generated can be used to create detailed Mechanical Drawings, 3D Solid Models (SolidWorks), Patent Drawings, Animations and Photo-realistic Graphics for Visualization. Using this same computer data, we can produce "tool-less" 3D Printed Rapid Prototype (RP) Models (SLA, SLS, etc.), in various plastic materials, for Product and Safety evaluations. If your looking to Develop a custom Candy of Gum Dispenser contact RB Toy... to help and guide you through the process.  We can even supply the custom Candy or Gum, click here for more information.


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We also supply the custom Candy and Gum; Click Here for more information


See a few examples of our custom designed dispensers below:


FLIX™ GUM & CANDY DISPENSERS - RB Toy Designed, Engineered and Sourced the overseas manufacturing of the patented FLIX candy and gumball dispensers. They come in dozens of fun licensed and seasonal characters, and some that even sing or play music when you dispense the candy or gumballs.

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FLIX™ "POP-UPS" DISPENSERS - RB Toy Designed and Engineered this patented line of FLIX candy dispensers for Imaginings 3, Inc. They come in dozens of fun licensed and seasonal character heads, and the simple sliding thumb-action button opens the head to expose a tasty Lollipop, then releasing the button closes the head to keep the unused portion clean and fresh for later use.

Pop-Ups Candy Dispenser

FRUIT-By-The-FOOT™ HOLDER - RB Toy Designed and Manufactured the FRUIT-By-The-FOOT™ Holder for General Mills, Inc., which was used as a premium.  This item was engineered to withstand 300 pounds of static pressure as part of its child-safety specifications.  The unique patented snap close and Cam-Action opening mechanism made this item fun to use.


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We can even supply the custom Candy or Gum, Click Here for more information.


Gum and Candy
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